Do you Uber?

Insurance coverage is complicated for people who work with companies like Uber to transport people for money.

  1. When your rideshare app is off, you are covered by your personal car insurance
  2. When your app is on and you are matched with a passenger, you are covered by the Transportation Network Company (TNC, such as Uber)
  3. When your rideshare app is on and available, but you’re not matched with a passenger, you are NOT COVERED by either insurance – this is when you could fall into the “gap”

We at Phillips Insurance can offer you ridesharing coverage for an inexpensive fee, probably less than $10 per month. This coverage simplifies the insurance complications – you are covered – even when your app is on and before you’re matched to a rider.

Give us a call today to make sure you’re covered in all ridesharing situations, 425-485-8660.

The City of Seattle has issued rules for ride-sharing or Transportation Network companies, learn more here:

One of the rules for drivers is evidence of vehicle insurance. We are always glad to provide that for our clients. Just contact us via call or text 425-485-8660 or email us at

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