Distracted Driving in Washington will cost you

$136 Ticket for Driving While Using Handheld Cell Phones

Since July 23, 2017 you can be pulled over by a police officer just for using a handheld device. The first ticket will cost at least $136. A second ticket within five years will cost you at least $234.  And now these tickets will be reported on motorist reports that are available to insurance companies, probably raising your insurance premiums.


You can be pulled over for using a hand-held cell phone while driving, stopped in traffic, or at a stoplight. You’d also be violating the new law by using tablets, laptops, games, and watching videos.



Use of hand-held devices to contact emergency services is allowed under the new law.  You also can use handheld devices in your car when parked or out of the flow of traffic.

Hands-free use of devices through Bluetooth is allowed.  You can start GPS or music with a single touch by your finger, preferable before you start driving.


$99 tickets for other distractions:  If you are pulled over for another traffic offense, you can get a $99 ticket for grooming, smoking, eating, or reading if the activity interferes with safe driving.


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