Home Insurance

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what kind of home insurance you need.   For example you might be building a new home but renting for the moment or just moved back into a home you were previously renting.   Always call your agent to consult when you have a life change so they can make sure you are covered.   Below is just some basic information but if you still have questions please leave a comment or give us a call about your situation.


Homeowners insurance-For when you live in a home you own, either as a secondary or primary residence

–                   This provides coverage for both the structure as well as your personal belongings and liability coverage.

Renters insurance – For when you live in a home or apartment as a renter

–                   This provides coverage for your belongings and your liability as a renter only.

Landlord Fire Dwelling insurance – For when you own a home or condo and rent it out to others.

–                   This provides coverage for the structure and landlord liability (different from owner or renter liability) as well as any of the owner’s personal belongings.   It doesn’t provide coverage for the tenants belongings.   We recommend that you require tenants to carry their own renters insurance to cover their belongings and liability.

Vacant home policy – For when you own a home that no one lives in.   This policy is needed because a normal home insurance or landlord policy has limitations on coverage for vandalism and malicious mischief (including damage by squatters or arson) if a home has been vacant a certain number of days.   This varies depending on the company.   Also in the policy language there are requirements that owners need to meet about maintaining heat etc to make sure damage from a burst pipe would be covered.


Special Coverage Information:   In our area flood and earthquake coverage are not automatically covered.   You can request quotes on both from your agent if you have concerns about either.