Emily Wortman, Co-President & Producer

Emily is a graduate of the University of Washington Bothell. She began working with her mom, Molly, at Phillips Insurance in 2004 and enjoyed the family business so much she bought it from Molly in Feb. 2018. Emily is an avid knitter, audiobook listener, and reader. When not hard at work you can find her with friends exercising. She and her husband have an adorable and troublesome miniature Dachshund named Spackle and a mini Aussie named Kano.

Carlene Dryden, Co-President & Producer

Carlene started with Phillips Insurance July 2008. Emily and her purchased the business from Molly February 2018. Is a graduate of the University of Washington Bothell with a BA in IAS-SEB (ask her what it stands for, lol). She enjoys helping clients find the best insurance for their families and businesses. Carlene spends any free time with her family and friends, attempting to sew, and crafting. Her child, Sara, keeps her learning and trying new things.

Pilar Roman, Insurance Producer

Pilar joined the Phillips Insurance Team October 2018. In past, she worked in the medical field and says that doing this different kind of profession gives her challenges and goals to achieve with perseverance and hard work. She loves to spend time with her husband and grandchildren and read different types of books. Her favorite part of working in insurance is the satisfying feeling she gets when preparing quotes and closing deals and has become a successful insurance agent with Phillips Insurance. 

Blake Shull, Insurance Producer

Blake joined the Phillips Insurance Team in April 2021. He enjoys working in insurance because it lets him meet so many people and learn of their unique lives and situations. He appreciates Phillips Insurance approach to insurance, taking the time to listen to clients and having that personal connection. The collaborative atmosphere, everybody here genuinely wants to help each other. Blake loves watching movies, writing, and when has a chance to get down to the slopes, snowboarding. He absolutely loves Mexican food but can’t eat it that often. He wants to finish writing his book which is about halfway done! His family lives in Bothell, and sister goes to the UW studying psychology. He lives with girlfriend, Jessica, and has friends that are mostly up and down the west coast. Blake loves his cat, named Jojo. She’s very lively and spirited, he spends a lot of time playing with her and even has a harness to take her on walks around the city.

Stephen Day, Insurance Producer

Stephen is an Independent Agent. I like working in insurance because of its challenging nature and the personal relationships I get to build with our clients. I sell an important product that everyone needs. Phillips Insurance is a great place to work because of the CARE that is taken not only with the clients but also with staff. When I am not working, you can find me gardening, reading, or with my family. I also make wire wrapped jewelry and love to play board games. The three words that best describe me are: Inquisitive, eccentric, persistent. I love Thai food, coffee, and classic movies. My biggest goal in the next 5 years is to purchase my first home. Carlene is my cousin, and my boss (which is great). Kelsey and I married 7/20/19; she is into arts and crafts. My son Oliver is an energetic and joyful child. He loves to swim and play games. My favorite part about working at Phillips Insurance are my co-workers and bosses. Who are Wonderful and always there to help when I need them.



Jeannie Pauly, CSR

Jean joined our Team Fall of 2021 and has focused on Team engagement, office culture, keeping our values top of mind. She has begun expanding her role into customer service. She enjoys helping coworkers and clients find the best insurance to fit their needs and support them every step of the way. Outside of work she loves being with her family. Anything outside, be it hiking, riding bikes, soccer and basketball are some of their favorite activities. Her dream for a sunny afternoon would be horseback riding with picnic of pizza. She is working on her masters degree and plans to own a business in the future. She appreciates having flexible hours, allowing her to spend time with family and friends, listen to podcasts, and even cleaning and organizing her home. She finds it oddly soothing. 


Alexandra Sabater

Alexandra Sabater, CSR

Alex helps our Team as a customer service representative. Working remotely has some challenges and Alex makes sure we start each day with a positive outlook. Finding ways to enliven our Team conversation over chat. She began at Phillips Insurance without any insurance background and has worked very hard to learn about insurance. She has proved herself invaluable as a member of our Team. She likes being able to build relationships with our clients. It’s easy to for people to choose other agencies, but knowing that the clients trusts us and seeks our advice is fulfilling. She chooses to work with Phillips Insurance because of our Team and clients positivity. When not helping a coworker or client, Alex enjoys watching anime, reading, or hanging out with family and friends. If she had a sunny afternoon free she would travel somewhere new, dance and sing then rehydrate with mango juice. 



Carla Lovell

Carla Lovell, CSR

Carla has joined our Team as a customer service representative. She likes helping people and striving to figure out the best insurance for each client, to fit their need. Carla enjoys making candies with her grandchildren, cooking BBQ, and a good meal with family and friends. She goes outside as often as she can. Taking care of her flower garden, watch hummingbirds and finches, or go on adventures, such as camping with friends, or swimming. She feels fortunate to have her 91 year old mother, a son and daughter, two grandchildren, and a very special mother-in-law. Her friendly personality fits our Team dynamic quite well. She offers to help anyway she can. Welcome to the Team Carla!



Molly Phillips, Founder

Molly, a northwest native, has lived in Bothell since 1986. She is the founder of Phillips Insurance and recently retired and sold her company to her daughter, Emily, and Carlene. Her career in the insurance industry began in 1994. Molly graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1974 and worked as a professional chef for 10 years. She is very active in her church community. Molly spends her free time boating with her husband and working in her garden.