Vehicle customized equipment

Customized equipment is not covered by the standard auto policy.   Customization is any parts or equipment not installed by the original automobile manufacturer.   Your insurance agent can add on coverage if you have a description and value of the customized equipment.  

Some examples:112_0608_16z+2007_mercedes_benz_s600+interior

stereo system

modified suspension

conversion kit

DVD player

backup camera

customized paint  

tinted windows

upgraded seats/wheels

In some cases a vehicle that has been modified or customized can be ineligible for coverage.   If you are purchasing a modified vehicle call us first to see about coverage.  

Some policies will allow a stated vehicle value.   Please let us know if you have an interest in that type of policy.  

Equipment like a GPS that is removable is not permanently installed is considered personal property and is covered on a renters or home insurance policy along with laptops, luggage and other belongings left in the car.  

Regarding motorcycles, any non-stock equipment is considered customized equipment. Extended handlebars, helmet, saddlebags, leather clothing you wear for riding, paint, chrome, etc…