Why do I need PIP?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection, offered on your personal auto insurance. In Washington State PIP covers you and the passengers in your vehicle for any injuries sustained in an accident. Because we will sometimes drive our family or friends around in our vehicles it is important to know they have some coverage for injuries if they are in an accident. Most people do not ask their family about their individual health insurance plans before offering to drive.

One of the benefits of PIP is the loss of wages coverage if you are not able to work due to your injuries. Or the services coverage that can provide some coverage for laundry or a pet walking service if you are injured in a way making it unable for you to care for your own home or pets.

When you are not at fault in an accident it is important to contact your carrier’s adjuster BEFORE settling with the other insurance carrier. Make sure to carefully read any documents you sign and call you adjuster with any questions.

Washington requires auto insurance companies to offer Personal Injury Protection and the customer  to accept or reject coverage, meaning one of the application forms you signed was to accept or reject PIP. Give us a call to discuss increasing your protection.