Your tenant needs insurance too.


As a landlord you have an insurance policy that covers your liability and house but your tenant also needs insurance to cover their liability and personal belongings. Did you know that if the tenant causes damage to your home they can be held liable? For example if a tenant is cooking and accidentally causes smoke damage to your kitchen or if they have a dog that bites someone or a friend it is the tenants liability. If the tenant does not have insurance then the person injured could try to hold you as the landlord responsible because it happened on your property. It is prudent to require your tenant to carry a renters insurance policy in the lease then each year when they re-sign the lease request the renters insurance declaration page as proof of the coverage again.


If your tenant has any questions about why they need insurance we can help answer those questions. If they need a quote for insurance we can also provide one for them. Renters insurance policies can be as little as $120/year. Refer your tenant to us for a quote.


You should also  call us  to make sure your landlord policy includes personal injury or personal offense coverage since this liability helps protect you from wrongful eviction claims as well as higher medical payments coverage.